(almost) goodbye, LA

It finally hit me. I'm moving. I'm leaving my beloved Los Angeles.  It all came to me while at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, a quintessential LA locale.

As excited I am for the adventures - and even trials and tribulations - that await in London, I'm really going to miss LA. I'll miss towering palm trees lining the streets, the Downtown LA skyline that I grew up admiring and then called home for one incredible year, reliably delicious In-n-Out cheeseburgers (add pickles), and putting on my baseball cap to cheer for the boys in blue.

I requested a window seat for Thursday's flight. I want to savor every last bit of the city, even if from a birds-eye view. I love you LA.

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Fin de semana

Scenic route through beautiful oak tree covered neighborhoods in Pasadena.

My dream home of the moment. It's modern, small, has native plants, and overlooks The Arroyo and Rose Bowl.

Some of the best fish tacos around are found at Gerlach's. And yes, it's that little kiosk looking place next to the liquor store.

Ride up to Dodger Stadium via China Town. Love how prominent City Hall looks in the mirror.

7th inning stretch. I needed it after two Dodger Dogs!

It was the boyfriend's birthday so that meant no work for ANAMU! We revved up his bike, bought me a new helmet, and rode around town. Not pictured here was an amazing dinner at Dish Bistro and the best movie experience ever at Gold Class Cinemas, both in Old Pasadena. I like Joe's birthday :)

Could it be? A new mecca in the Ravine?!?

You know that I love nothing more than a good flea market (and that the Pasadena Rose Bowl one is my Mecca). Could there be a new holy ground for me up on the hill come June 20?

I stumbled upon the website for the new LA Flea Market today and my eyes couldn't have gotten any wider.

This could be amazing because:

1. It's closer to home

2. More opportunities for flea market treasure hunts throughout the month

3. It's at Dodger Stadium (in the Ravine)

4. I love the Dodgers

With that said, I am a little concerned about the VIP lounges and valet parking. Why are they insisting on turning a good ol' flea market into a Hollywood type soiree? Pampering and flea market scavenging just don't go together in my mind. There's a time and a place for both so go to the mall if you want a cushy shopping experience.  And yeah, I get the whole Dodgers Pavilion thing since its on their turf...I'll deal with the cheesiness of the planned activities there as long as I can watch while eating a Dodger Dog. Bring Pierre back and then maybe I'll hang out there longer.

Let's hope that they draw in some great vintage/antique vendors that offer more than simply clothes and fashion accessories (scarves are in a different category for me of course). I love those things just as much as the next gal but when 90% of the booths are offering it, I lose interest. Show me the cool collectible tin boxes, postcards, clocks, and pre-loved art!

Needless to say, this will be a big day in LA for all flea market lovers and I can't wait to be a part of it.

The bobble head touch

Got to the game early, got my Man Ram bobble head, got my dodger dog, and then got to see a moment to be written in the record books: Ramirez hit a grand-slam in his first and only swing of the game...the first ever Dodger to do so on his own bobble head night. The stadium went nutts and the value of that little bouncing figuring just went up :) Manny stepping up to the plate...