Buying and creating - a Saturday well spent

The upside of living in the Fashion District is that fabric buying trips are so easy. Just a walk down street and I can browse the latest offerings at The Loft, a space where remnant and overstock fabrics are sold. I picked up some denim swatches there and scraps of super soft yellow leather from another store across the street.

When I got home I was extremely motivated to get some design work done so I laid out muslin fabric and began to draft some ideas for a tote bag. I love my clutches but I need to make something that I can use everyday too! There will be several sample trials but I'm excited to figure it out. Hopefully we'll have new bags and more easy gift accessories online by November :)

Haute Olive Boutique opens in the Fashion District

Haute Olive Boutique is nearly two weeks old and it's quickly becoming a local favorite - some designers have already snatched up pieces to knock off for future collections. What's old is new right?

When I walked into the quaint space, owner Amara was still merchandising the floor and unpacking accessories out of boxes. Even though she obviously had her hands full she instantly made me feel at home and we chatted the entire time I shopped. Turns out that she moved the boutique from Echo Park after being there for a few years and she had been eying the downtown space for just as long.

Very happy that she made the move to the neighborhood but I know that I'll have to be careful.  As a former model she really knows how to sell her style along with everything in her store! I was good though and walked away with one blouse that I'm excited to wear this weekend at Unique LA.