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Quote 15 Happy hump day everyone. May our bouquets always be full and blossoming!


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simple pleasures

Maybe its the colder weather but I've been all about nesting lately. I recently bought some flowers to brighten up our rooms and I've realized that I'm much more of a single stem (or bunches of three) kind of gal. It's a great way to indulge in pretty petals more often :)

happy friday!

flowers This weekend I'm going to spend some quality time picking out fresh petals for our new home. Back in LA my local flower shop was practically the entire flower district, just three blocks from my apartment. Now, we've got a little corner shop that continues to impress me with their ever changing selection and sweet customer service. I love shopping for fresh flowers...anywhere, really.

Have a wonderful - and beautiful- weekend!

This week's three rad links: • As if my wonderlust wasn't strong enough, Because I'm Addicted posted these incredible travel videos (Move, Eat, Learn) by Rick Mereki. • From postcards to stickers, what to do with your Instagram shots via Ascot Friday • Dude....this girl levitates! Actually, she's just really quick on her feet and her snaps. These photos are beautiful via Honestly WTF

happy friday!

This little but grand succulent that graces our bathroom is a perfect reminder to take it easy this weekend. Though it has grown at a fairly quick pace, it's the ease and nature of its bloom that is inspiring. So seemingly effortless and peaceful, it's simply fulfilling its purpose to create, nurture, and live. Aren't plants awesome?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Bird print was purchased from an artist at Unique LA in 2009. I couldn't resist bringing it with me.

on bloom street

The lease on my downtown apartment ended in January and I've been back in South Pasadena with the folks ever since. While I do miss being in the city, it is nice to walk down the street and see these signs of Spring all around. Sooo pretty!