Happy Friday + Vanves Flea Market

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It's Good Friday with Easter on Sunday and here that means two Bank Holidays for Joe! We're going to take advantage of his four-day weekend to stay in the city and do some exploring, a stay-cation if you will.

Above are some photos from our first European flea market, Vanves in Paris, France. There are several big options for antiquing in Paris but we chose Vanves for its smaller scale and reputation for quality and enthusiastic vendors. There were so many pieces that were real treats due to their age, unlike anything you could find at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA. In a nutshell, everything was so interesting that even Joe turned into a flea-hunting enthusiast. He usually just comes along for moral support but items rarely catch his eye.

Here's what we found with more here:

1. Me in my "habitat" looking through wood block letters

2. Could be a vanity of an elegant Parisian woman in the late 1800's

3. Solid aluminum baking tins that make me wish I was a bona fide baker, or any kind of baker for that matter

4. A well-traveled suitcase overflowing with tales from near and far

5. Old books always look so beautiful, especially when different volumes and collections are colorfully paired together

6. Rolling piano sessions, yes please! The cigarette in his mouth is classic

7. Tiny rolls of film...wonder what sorts of magic they contain...

8. Pretty Parisian textiles primed for great sewing projects. I should have stocked up but I'll leave that for the next trip. Perfect excuse, right?

I hope to have more flea market inspirations next week. Until then have a wonderful weekend, enjoy!!!

{worth watching} french lesson as eye candy

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_QO8LoGNpc&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3] I first came across this video via Black*Eiffel and instantly fell in love! What a beautiful and entertaining way to get a feel for Paris and the French language. I barely know a few words but this teaser has certainly made me excited to learn more....Paris is only a two hour train ride from London, after all!

As a side note, I love love love all of the different fonts used throughout the piece. I wish I were a cool typography nerd who knew all of the font names but I'll have to content to being an admirer for now. To see more videos for other countries and languages check out the Live the Language campaign. They just make you want to travel forever!!!