words worth repeating / 33

words worth repeating 33 by ana maria munoz--anamu Having an idea isn't enough and this quote couldn't be more perfect for what I'm going through right now. I'm not talking about anything related to graphic design, photography, blogging, or crafting...I'm talking completely uncharted territory that is equally terrifying and exciting. Though I've been taking steps for the past several months to get my idea off the ground, they weren't big or quick enough. At the rate I was going I was "sitting there" and making excuses for why that was. Not anymore. I want to be proactive and not let the unknown paralyze me from reaching something that I know is totally possible. Will it be easy? No, but something else that wont be easy is living with a "what if" hanging over my head if I don't give it my all and at least really try. Life is too short and awesome to get run over so let's stop sitting!

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