growing a green thumb

succulent plantingsucculent planting succulent planting succulent planting succulent planting succulent planting

If you're like me and have yet to master your green thumb, check out these potting steps and tips that I learned at this weekend's Handmade KL craft party:

1. Choose your container (white ceramic teapots were provided. i planted the rest into a bowl from our kitchen)

2. Line the bottom of your container with an inch of rocks followed by another inch of gravel. This will help in the drainage of water.  (Made so much sense because I always rot my plants that aren't in pots with drainage holes)

3. Add 3 tablespoons of crushed charcoal which will prevent the growth of bacteria. (Never heard of this but maybe it's a climate thing?)

4. Fill the container with soil up to half an inch from the top of the container.

5. Gently arrange your selection of succulents on top of the soil.

6.  Once you're happy with the arrangement, top up with soil then gently pack in with the succulents.

7. Brush off any first from the succulents then water them.

It's as simple as that! I can't believe that I was so intimidated by potting plants myself. Now, for the real test: maintaining these babies at home. Any tips?

"how to" instructions courtesy of craft party host, Mimpi Murni