announcing: RING COZY

Ring Cozy | neoprene jewelry ring protectorRIng Cozy | neoprene jewelry ring protector RIng Cozy | neoprene jewelry ring protector

I never imagined that an engagement ring would do anything other than sit and look pretty on my finger but in fact, it has inspired me to create a brand new product. Introducing: Ring Cozy, a jewelry ring protector designed for people who want to keep their ring on while enjoying an active lifestyle.

The idea to protect my ring came after constantly worrying about damaging it while working out at the gym and fretting about taking it off for "safe keeping" elsewhere. I wanted a comfortable and easy way to cover my ring without interfering with whatever I was doing. It also needed it to be versatile enough to use in the water while swimming (you know how those fingers can shrink). Several prototypes and neoprene sheets later and here you have it, the Ring Cozy! I've designed two different styles for rings with or without raised stone settings and will have sizes for men and women. Because yes, men wear rings, too.

Ring Cozy | neoprene ring protector Ring Cozy | neoprene ring protector

I came to LA with 350 samples that I sewed at home and have been giving them to friends and strangers to try out in exchange for their feedback. Since I can't  reach through the computer screen and offer the same to you (really wish I could!), I invite you to take a quick survey. It's painless, I promise, and it will help me see whether or not people share my concern for protecting that special ring on their finger! Make sure you provide an email address at the end and check off "blog" + write "Anamu" so that I can send you something special if you make a purchase within a month after sales launch online. I wanna show you, my awesome readers, some extra love!

So, now you know what's been keeping me busy these days and hopefully for many more to come. This trip has been so insightful and encouraging that it makes finally sharing Ring Cozy with you that much more exciting. There is still much to do but the important thing is that it's happening! I'm going for it. Thank you for being a part of it via this blog!

{show & tell} collected

collected jewelry by Ana Maria Munozcollected jewelry by Ana Maria Munoz collected jewelry by Ana Maria Munoz collected jewelry by Ana Maria Munoz collected jewelry by Ana Maria Munoz collected jewelry by Ana Maria Munoz

Okay so I did do one thing this weekend despite having a banged up foot: I finally organized my jewelry and by organize I mean I finally took the tape off of this hanging storage thing I keep it in. With every tape-rip and pull it was as if I was liberating each piece so that it could be enjoyed the way it was intend. I say this all the time but I really should wear my jewelry more often. I've been steadily growing my collection of wearable art for years finding them at flea markets, yard sales, charity shops, during travels, and even making them myself. Each one of them has a story or memory and feels extra special since it was found rather than picked off a's how I like to shop and it's how I like to remember the places I have been.

Shortly after I took these photos I caught up with Sussie Bubble's fashion blog and then it hit me. The problem with having a collection of unique pieces (and plastering them all over my blog) is that I can end up sounding like the type of annoying world traveler she describes in a recent post:

"Oh this old thing?  I picked it up in a random market in Thailand when I went travelling around Asia" which vaguely translates to "You will never find this awesome thing I have on because I bought it in an obscure and far-flung place, which is my little secret..." 

After reading this I thought, oh geez, am I that type of person? I mean, I can recall a few sarcastic comments from friends back home whenever they'd ask about a piece and I'd say it was vintage but now add the new "world traveler" aspect of my life and it sounds even worse! What can I do though, it is what it is right? If I were re-modeling a house, going to school, training for a marathon, or making babies then I would be blogging about those things. These days I'm living as an expat who travels a lot and as Sussie puts it "the world is getting smaller". Collecting treasures from different places is bound to happen.

I think her post really hit home since I'm still in disbelief of where life has brought us (I'm sitting in a hotel room in Bangkok for crying out loud!). I don't ever want to take any of it for granted and I want to keep finding new treasures that excite and create conversation...even if it's at the risk of being labeled one of those types. Some things are too fun and beautiful to not share and at the end of the day, that's what this blog is all about - sharing the things I see, do, enjoy, and love, with you.  One day I'll have other things to blog about but for now, this is what's happening. Jewelry stash and all.


{diy} vintage brass buttons = new necklace

vintage buttons necklace DIYvintage buttons necklace DIY vintage buttons necklace DIY vintage buttons necklace DIY vintage buttons necklace DIY

Remember the vintage buttons I found at the Sunbury Antiques Market? Well, I finally made the simple necklace I had envisioned and it's already one of my favorite go-to's.

The great thing about making long length necklaces is that you can simply tie the chain in a knot and not deal with clasps and jump rings (the little round connector pieces). This was such a quick and easy DIY, I'll definitely be shopping for more vintage buttons!

New webshop + GO NATIVE Collection

The new shop is finally up!

First up in the shop are the GO Native Collection clutches and cuff bracelets followed by brand new brass necklaces.  Very excited about all of these - they are playful, eye catching, and truly unique.

Browse the Envelope Clutch and Frame Clutch categories for past styles and the new SALE for recently discounted pieces - isn't that nice!

Trunk show

Last week, 3020 Designer Resale in Santa Monica hosted the first ever ANAMU trunk show. Between  introducing the new GO NATIVE collection* of clutches and jewelry, mingling with old and new friends, and seeing happy customers, the event couldn't have gone any better.

3020's very own Gina and Jessica were beyond hospitable and supportive...I mean, check out the cute sign they made! So sweet.

Their neighbor, actor (and sculptor) Paul Sorvino stopped by while we were getting ready and ended up staying the entire time. He just couldn't leave when every few minutes a new woman walked into the room!

I'm so thankful to Gina and Jessica for the opportunity to share ANAMU in such a great setting. Thank you to everyone who came out!!!!

*Some items sold but remaining one-of-a-kind GO NATIVE clutches and cuffs will be online soon!

Summer Trunk Show

The fabulous 3020 Designer Resale will host a trunk show for ANAMU on Thursday, July 15th from 4pm -7:30pm. Be the first to shop from ANAMU's new "Go Native" clutch collection, never before seen jewelry, and more.

Wine and snacks will be served and some good ol' fashion mingling will be had.

We hope to see you there!

3020 Designer Resale | 3020 Nebraska Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404

*Visit the 3020 Designer Resale facebook page for peek at their amazing space and selections!

ANAMU: Pick of the Week

Gold schmold, brass is where its at for me at the moment. It's light weight, neutral, and always gives the impression of having had it forever. I hit the jackpot of brass pendants and pieces from some closeout inventories downtown earlier this year. The dust on the boxes they came in only added to the reassurance from Jose (my fave sales guy) that they were in fact as old as they looked.

What was most exciting was that there were multiples. Prior to purchasing these I had been collecting individual brass pieces at flea markets one at a time and each one completely different from the other. While I'm looking forward to turning those into one-of-a-kind necklaces, I like that I can personally wear these while offering the same style to others who want them for themselves. It's fun to share!

This bowtie beauty is one that I can always count on to be the finishing touch to any outfit. It makes a simple statement but never goes unnoticed...a favorite "moment" was on a flight back from Vegas when a girl exclaimed "I love your necklace! It's like you're all dressed up with a girly bowtie but not really." I was wearing a v-neck white tee, cut off denim shorts, and rainbow sandals...yeah definitely not dressed up but the necklace was apparently enough to make it all a little special.

Brass as bling

It's jewelry time! Bags are nearly complete so I thought I'd give my necklaces some TLC. I really love the vintage, close-out pieces for pendants that I scored. What I don't love is how my wrist and hand pains keep getting worse. Have my second acupuncture treatment tomorrow and I'm sure a wrist brace is somewhere in my near future. Doesn't help that type like a maniac all day at work either.

No pain no gain right?