friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin 11 We have been itching to put some art our walls so maybe we'll get ambitious this weekend and buy the supplies to make it happen. As made obvious by my Pinterest Art Thou Wonderful board, I'm really drawn to impressionist and abstract style paintings and I'm loving this one by Kristy Gammill. If only it were available as a print! I could really use a dose of bright inspiration in my office nook...any recs on websites or artists I should check out for good selections? I have a difficult time committing to art since there's so much to choose from but  guess I could start by printing my own photographs. It would make a fun weekend project and I do like them. Hhhmmmm, food for thought...

Have a wonderful weekend and see ya back here on Monday!

This week's three rad links...

• beautiful block-print textiles via I ART U

• something most adults can relate to: making friends after a certain age or stage in life via NY Times

• classic camper road trip in New Zealand via Wayfarer Magazine (on our list!)


(image left: flower shop, London by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin originally via Kristy Gammill Flickr)