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batu cavesbatu caves batu cavesBatu Caves

batu cavesbatu caves batu caves batu caves batu caves batu caves

Ancient limestone, trees, scurrying monkeys, and Hindu shrines - the Batu Caves felt a world away while being only forty minutes out of KL. The colorful steps with their layers of paint made the 272 step climb a bit easier and every now and then we'd stop to observe the monkeys. Not feed, just observe, because people who feed them are just asking for their hands to be mangled! I've never been inside anything like this grand cave turned religious temple before and with water from recent rainstorms trickling in through the cracks it felt like we had gone back in time. Sure it was touristy with trinket shops not quite fitting into the scenery but for a simple and free afternoon adventure it was great. There were a few people who were there to worship and I've heard that the Thaipsusam pilgrimage is quite the sight if you're there early in the year. I'm glad we got to experience it on a quiet day though, in all of its ancient cave glory.


to all of my east coast USA readers and to those who have loved ones there, i'm thinking of you and praying for a safe end to the storm and quick recovery. hope you're staying warm and strong. sending lots of love your way.