"We're such tourist"

Yet another evening in Downtown LA discovering new favorite spots. 1. Dinner at Wurstkuche: located in J town, or Little Tokyo, they offer an extensive variety of beers and sausages. Pair that with a live DJ spinning in the main dining room that has family style seating and you've got the perfect grub place. Oh and did I mention double dipped french fries? Okay, I'm drooling on my keyboard...


2. Please post bills: Actually, we did this first while the boys stood in line at Wurstkuche. We practially jumped out of the car while it was moving because we were so excited at the awesomeness of this wall.

P6050848And this one. Yes, that's Obama smoking and wearing a sweet hat back in the days. The complete collection of these shots is on view at M+BP6050855

Even more beautiful than the words of this riddle is that it's on the side of a trash bin...


3. Rooftop wine tasting and movie at Downtown Independent: just opened six months ago and I was super impressed by the place. Modern, extremely comfortable seats, and great staff. Can't wait to go back.

View from the rooftop - US Bank has Laker colors shining bright


4. Bar 107: Night cap where we saw Julia Stiles. Funny because we saw her in NYC last fall at another hole in the wall bar...coincidence or is she just stalking us?