weekend, we

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Hi everyone, how was your weekend?

We kept it mellow, ate well (visit my new fave restaurant here), and did chores like mad people. On Sunday the sun graced us for a full day - a very rare thing these days - and I never knew that I could be so excited to soak in some Vitamin D. Taking full advantage of the sunshine, we laid out in the park down the street from us. It's a little patch of grass alongside the canal that is absolutely heaven on a sunny lazy afternoon.

It was a good taste of the R&R we can expect in Sicily next week where we will probably just eat, sleep, swim, lounge, and repeat. Joe decided to take some solid vacation time following his friend's wedding in Madrid this weekend and we figured Sicily was close enough to sneak off to! It'll be my first time in Italy so I better step it up with my Italian Rosetta Stone lessons ... Arrivederci!

weekend, we

weekendweekend weekend weekend weekend weekend weekend weekend weekend

Hi everyone, how was your weekend?

We stayed in London and while I love "getting away" I also love being a homebody. We got in a good mix of R&R at home and little outings around town like shopping and dining in Marylebone and walking along the canal in our neighborhood, Little Venice. We also got started on searching for a new flat to rent (or "let" here) by registering with a few local agents. No more of this living shower-less and bathing with a pitcher deal. I'll keep you posted on what we find but please keep your fingers crossed that whatever it is, it has a modern bathroom!

Here are some of the places we discovered in Marylebone this weekend in case you're in the neighborhood: Trunk Clothiers (men's shop) / Cocorino Boutique Italian Delicatessen & Espresso Room / Topkapi Mediterranean restaurant.

P.S. I sewed a little DIY project here on Sunday but I'll share the details and results later this week :)

down by the waterway


A few blocks from our flat we have a little slice of Venice, Italy via London's historic Waterways. This past weekend the canal was filled with decorative narrow boats, food and craft vendors, and lots of sunshine.

I was initially hesitant to go due to the intense winds that were (and still are) provoking my allergy attacks but I'm glad that we ventured out. It was fun to see the boats' elaborate and personal exterior details as well as the well-maintained original interiors...I'd never seen such beautiful stove pipes! The best part actually was seeing several elderly boat owners fast asleep inside their tiny spaces, paying no attention to us spectators peering in through their open doors. Oh, life on the canal...