To water or not to water: Native Gardens

We need water but we use more than we really should. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has placed city-wide ordinances for water consumption during this summer season's shortage. It ranges from restricting sprinkler using to Mondays and Thursdays only to only serving water in restaurants upon request.

One of the biggest culprit is the disire to have lush, grassy front lawns on every house on the block. LA is a desert so why not plant what is naturally condusive to its climate?

Native gardens have been getting alot of attention in recent years and I really hope the interest (and execution) continues to grow.


This photo is a perfect example of what I'd want in a garden of my own. I'm completely obsessed with the subtle brightness of aloe blooms against the cool hues of its counterparts agave and senecio (finally learned what these are called!).  You can see more images here in the LA Times feature.

This pic is going on my wish list for sure....and...I'll take the house too. Thank you.