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Hi everyone, how was your weekend?

Ours was nice - very local, relaxing, and productive. Saturday was all about a morning car boot sale (aka. community rummage sale) and an afternoon visit to Portobello Road for lunch and shopping. It was actually the first time that I've ever been to that market without going to the antiques section! Felt like such a local simply going there for sewing trimmings, fresh produce, and flowers.

Sunday was focused on the home which was easy to do since it was so grey out. We listened to the radio as we did our chores, prepped for the week, and in my case, prepped for the next couple of months. I've had tons of projects and ideas on the back-burner but now I'm committed to making them happen in 2012. Anyone else planning on putting their lingering ideas to work this year?

{brilliant beats} os diagonais - nao vou chorar

notting hill carnivalStacked speakers were the norm during Monday's Notting Hill Carnival where feel-good beats were plentiful.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTCxlvSr-a8?rel=0&w=640&h=25]

Os Diagonais - Nao Vou Chorar

This has to be one of my all time favorite feel-good songs. Actually, the entire compilation album that it's on, Black Rio 2 - Original Samba Soul 1968-1981, is one groovy, funk-filled, happy-fest.

I googled the album to get a link only to learn that the DJ who mixed it is from London! AND he's performing this Saturday night in Notting Hill for a "Super Brazil Mash-Up Session!" Okay, who's in town and wants to boogie?

{market memo} portobello road

portobello roadportobello road portobello road portobello road portobello road portobello road portobello road

I didn't do my homework. Rather, I listened to locals who told me that the best day to do Portobello Market is on Friday very early in the morning when the tourist crowds are minimal. So, I got there at 8am thinking I was primed for the good stuff but nope, that was still too early.

Oh well, I thought, figuring that my premature arrival gave me time to eat a proper breakfast and still be one of the first shoppers to pounce. Within an hour I was surprisingly over the urge to shop and simply began to enjoy watching the vendors set up their tables and store owners open their doors. It was like witnessing a ritual that I'm usually to preoccupied to notice. Even before the first boxes of goodies were taken out of loaded vans I was able to walk the then peaceful road totally uninterrupted. Having been to Portobello on a Saturday when the crowds of people are practically overwhelming, it was a real treat to actually be able to walk freely, chat with vendors, look up, and stop and admire the many signs, typography, and colors of the street.

I always like to do markets early in the morning but at least now I know that I can sleep in  for Portobello on Fridays.

weekend, we

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? I hope you spent it showering the moms in your life with lots of love.

We did some serious walking all over the West End. The area is slowly becoming more familiar as we discover new favorite things and places with each outing.

With so much to share, here are some highlights:

Friday -

Chinti and Parker sample sale in Notting Hill (thank you, Daily Candy for the tip!). I scored a striped cotton dress and wore it that night :)

Relaxing lunch at Portobello Ristorante Pizzeria - delicious, great service, and the only restaurant to GIVE us bread before our meal thus far. Most places charge. WTF, right?

Walk through Holland Park. It is a gorgeous space that seems wild compared to the other perfectly-planned and potted parks in the city. We barely saw a sliver but it would make a great full-day trip.

Evening visit to the Tate Britain. I especially loved the room with these pieces. Can't help drooling over 60's abstract art, can't I?

Saturday -

Tea & Coffee Festival at South Bank. We didn't find Joe's sought-after Turkish grinds so to compensate, we ate and bought loads of sweets like macaroons from Cafe On, fudge from Burley Fudge, and churros con chocolate. Joe said that the churros con chocolate is what Madrid tastes like at 4am...I can't wait to go to Madrid and stay up all night!


St. John's Wood, a really pretty neighborhood with a quaint high street (aka main street).  Best finds of the day were two belts that Joe bought at a charity shop (aka thrift store) for three pounds and spotting a car that was nearly ready for the Rose Parade.

Oh, weekend...we <3 you.