friday pic & pin + special giveaway

friday pic & pin by Anamu 32 I'm kind of obsessed with the bright pinks going on here. Maybe it's because I have Ring Cozy on my mind (I used a pink in the logo) and I'm all "thinky thinky" as Joe would say.

It's the final three days of the Kickstarter campaign and while I'm not giving up hope that anything can happen from now until Monday morning, I am working on how my plan B will roll out. I'm both a dreamer and a realist so I need to be prepared to keep the dream going!

Along with being thinky thinky I'm also feeling givey givey. I fell in love with the textiles from Sapa North Vietnam (talked about it here) so I made sure to buy an extra zip pouch to share with you!

sapa pouch giveaway

It has a combo of embroidered and applique styles and the naturally dyed fabric gives it a gorgeous muted tone. Some pieces look like they might even be vintage ... it's a fascinating little pouch and I can't wait for one of you to call it yours!

To enter to win, comment below with what you'd use it for - make up, keeping small items inside of a bigger bag, on it's own, whatever! It's approximately 5x7in so there's wiggle room to play with. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on next Friday's Pic & Pin.

Have an awesome weekend!

(image left: Patron prayer leaf, Saigon, Vietnam by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin by Anamu 28 Happy Friday, guys. It's been a productive week so I can't wait to treat myself to the last remaining pieces from this awesome recipe. I didn't have parchment paper to create the "chocolate bark" it was intended for so I improvised and used silicone cupcake molds instead. They make nice little "chips" don't they? Aside from indulging, I'm hoping to finalize our plans for a mini Christmas break here in Malaysia...home sweet home :)

Have a great weekend!

This week's three rad links:

• my latest girl crush and her cool LA home

rituals to follow for more productive and happy work

• awesome new screen prints by my dear Hey Jo! Designs


(image left: sweets by Ana Maria Muñoz, recipe via Camille Styles, right: Pin via The Marion House Book)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin by Anamu 26 Happy happy Friday. We've been getting some awesome thunder and lightening storms lately and every day I look forward to their shows around 3 or 4pm. They're pretty predictable around here, more so than London when I'd often get stuck outside! I know, shame on me for not always having an umbrella with me.

We don't have anything planned this weekend but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless. I hope you have a good one!

This week's three rad links...

• KL food bloggers get the spotlight in the New York Times (and I have some serious eating to do)

• so *now* you decided to open up shop in London, J.Crew....have you any idea how much i missed you there??

• if i were in LA this sat & sunday i'd be doing this and this - you should too, fellow Angelenos

(image left: train station, England by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via The Design Files Open House)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin by Anamu 25 Happy Friday, guys. For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving - are you still totally stuffed? Can you please overnight some yummy leftovers? Pretty please?

As you can probably tell, I didn't have much time to plan a feast of our own but maybe we'll come up with something over the weekend. If not, I will definitely be getting crafty and will start decorating for Christmas. A little DIY I did for autumn was a flower votive using a ball of cotton twine - I know, so stupid simple but I love it!  You can see where I got the inspiration + more photos over at Poppytalk (plus check out their Black Friday & Cyber Monday handmade deals)

Cheers to the holiday season, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

This week's three rad links...

• tips for flying with a toddler

• get over your DSLR camera freight and get the holiday photos you really want

• a gift guide that gives twice + i'm now officially obsessed with LemLem. love the way they're making Ethiopian textiles look and feel so current.

(image left: autumn centerpiece DIY by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Honey of a Thousand Flowers)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin 15 TGIF - we're off to Vietnam for our first real beach holiday in SE Asia and I feel like a little girl on her last day of school. Joe and I have been really busy lately so I can't wait to get to the hotel/island and have no option but to just cchhiilll. It'll be four days of sun, sand, and maybe some rain. The tropical kind is okay though - I'll take a downpour while wearing a bikini rather than a coat any day!

I'll be back here on Wednesday but will probably sneak in a few instagrams while away, join me will ya?

Selamat Hari Raya to those celebrating the end of Ramadan here in Malaysia and have a great (and restful) weekend to you all!

This week's three rad links...

• round up of sustainable swimwear (loving Cali Dreaming, obviously) via Goodlifer

•  take it or leave it? this is for you thrifters and vintage lovers via Apartment Therapy 

• pinterest meets blog meets facebook. the latest in social sites via Co. Design

(image left: barcelona beach by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Blue Dot)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin 14 With everyone talking about Fall being just around the corner, I'm psyching myself up for 24/7 summer living. It's a world of difference from last year when I barely saw the sun so this time around I'm definitely thankful to be closer to the equator.

This chair would be my perfect "endless summer" piece; reminiscent of the rattan furniture that Malaysia is known for but totally modern in material and with a retro design twist. I can imagine the shadows it casts while out on a sunny patio or inside a dining room with an overhead lamp. It's rocking my world, it really is.

Hopefully I find more endless summer inspirations while out and about this weekend. Have a good one and stay cool!

This week's three rad links...

• it's a #patternparty and we're all invited via August Empress

• i wanna wear this t-shirt on my wrist, do add recycled gold via EcoSalon

• a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it - let's all make a list via Mrs. Lilien

(image left: mock-rattan in Penang, Malaysia by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Blue Dot)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin 13 Happy friday guys! It's been a busy week but I'm not complaining. I still haven't done much with my office nook so when I saw this vintage + modern work setting I knew that I had found my inspiration. I already have the antique wood table (though would never think of painting it, Joe would kill me), a nice black chair has been on my list, and I do love black and white for artwork. That abstract painting is too awesome for words but the shop it's from is currently down for a re-launch next month (such a tease). However, it did give me the idea to unpack the vintage photos I bought last year in London's Camden Market. Do you remember the DIY wall decor I made with them? I think they'll look great above my desk but I might try a new display method to keep things fresh.  Do standby.

I hope you have great weekend finding inspiration all around ya!

This week's three rad links...

• a practical and beautiful use of vintage canvas paintings via sfgirlbybay

• when Olympic branding was done right: Mexico 1968, Munich 72

• picking the brain of creatives in 60 seconds via Atlas + Isolation


(image left: Vintage B&W Photographs by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via I Need Nice Things)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin 11 We have been itching to put some art our walls so maybe we'll get ambitious this weekend and buy the supplies to make it happen. As made obvious by my Pinterest Art Thou Wonderful board, I'm really drawn to impressionist and abstract style paintings and I'm loving this one by Kristy Gammill. If only it were available as a print! I could really use a dose of bright inspiration in my office nook...any recs on websites or artists I should check out for good selections? I have a difficult time committing to art since there's so much to choose from but  guess I could start by printing my own photographs. It would make a fun weekend project and I do like them. Hhhmmmm, food for thought...

Have a wonderful weekend and see ya back here on Monday!

This week's three rad links...

• beautiful block-print textiles via I ART U

• something most adults can relate to: making friends after a certain age or stage in life via NY Times

• classic camper road trip in New Zealand via Wayfarer Magazine (on our list!)


(image left: flower shop, London by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin originally via Kristy Gammill Flickr)


friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin Happy Friday, y'all. What are your plans for the weekend? I'd like to think that we'll be ambitious and do a day trip to a nearby attraction but I have a feeling that a serious Revenge marathon will be had instead. We bought the first season on iTunes (yay for Apple TV!) after watching the pilot figuring that it was entertaining enough to pass the time. BUT, now we're totally hooked and have watched several episodes per night this week. Was it big back in the States? I'm so clueless in this department these days. I'll also be giving our new plants some TLC (i.e. real air & sunshine) tomorrow. This collection inspired me to be a good plant mama and that means giving the little fellas a break from our necessary evil - the AC.

Have a great weekend!

Oh, and I didn't do much online browsing or blog reading this week (I know, bad blogger - slap on the hand) but I did catch this beautiful photography project Words to Shoot By via the Flickr blog. Consider it a link so rad that  it takes the entire week's spot :)

(image left: building facade, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin originally via Geninne)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin Madrileña, Serena Olivieri, painted her summer uniform in watercolor and I'm dying to see what she shows us next. I can totally relate to the heat that she's experiencing as we were in Madrid last summer and it was definitely MUY caliente. I won't mind a bit of heat this weekend though - we're planning on firing up the grill and enjoying the pool for our very own belated 4th of July BBQ. I'm silly excited :)

Have a great weekend!

This week's three rad links...

• summer lovin' with My Better Half posts via Amanda Jane Jones 

• my colombian heart danced with joy after reading this via The Guardian 

• launch of intiMINT - casual and sexy lingerie - with the bonus of being made in the USA. we like that via Ecouterre

(image left: Sicily pool lounge by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Serena Olivieri)

{happy friday} pic & pin

friday pic & pin Goodbye June and hello July - my official summer month. The Fourth of July has always been my kick off to the season so we're practically there, even if I'm not in the States to celebrate. I'd love to welcome it with this orange number by Reformation. Don't you just love the structure? Wait until you see the back...!

This weekend I'm crossing my fingers for some sunshine (it's been awfully hazy), looking forward to a succulent planting craft party, and maybe getting a start on our new shopping list.

I hope you have a great one!

This week's three rad links...

• a few songs of summer via State of Unique (expect one or two of these on next month's mix tape)

• get crafty on demand with Creativebug video workshops via sfgirlbybay

• ladies, let's take these from the fellas via Design Crush

(image left: Barcelona beach by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Reformation)

{happy friday} pic & pin

friday pic & pin 6 It's the weekend and I'm pretty sure that some fun chores and cleaning are in order. If I had a floor covered with these handmade tiles by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Marrakech Design then I don't think I'd ever mind sweeping up! I got so scroll happy when I first found them several months ago via Remodelista. Well, the design blog has one-upped themselves with a new round up of modern takes on Moroccan tiles - can I have one of each in every room please?!? They are so beautiful. One day, one day...

Have a wonderful weekend!

This week's three rad links...

• Game Boy, floppy disk drive, and AOL login - their sounds + more captured for all eternity in the Museum of Endangered Sounds via Smashing Magazine

• last minute Father's Day DIY gift ideas with an ol' staple: neckties via Ecouterre

• my scandinavian design-loving heart wishes it had an iPad for this new magazine, Trendenser via Poppytalk

(image left:  Penang pineapple by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Remodelista)