friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin by Anamu 33 Happy Friday, guys. Today is a holiday here so we're headed to Bali for the weekend (even after a year I still can't believe that words like that come out of my mouth!). Specifically we're going to Ubud so if you've been there and have any recs, please send them my way!

Now for the giveaway winner from last week's post....drum roll please...bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr......Kendra Nordt, the Sapa zip pouch is yours! Congrats, expect an email from me soon. Thanks to everyone who shared what they'd use it for, I'll see what I can find for ya in Bali ;)

Have a great weekend.

(image left: Cooling Off, Singapore by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin by Anamu 31 Hi guys, Happy Friday! I had every intention to share photos from our Vietnam trip this week but I forgot to change the camera RAW settings and iPhoto isn't too pleased with the big data (hint: laptop is definitely due for a spring cleaning).

Will work on them this weekend but in the meantime here's a pic from our eco resort, Mango Bay, in Phu Quoc and a Pin of shorts that I'm desperately drooling over. They're by a Vietnamese designer, THU THU, who incorporates the beautiful textiles of the H'mong women of Sapa. Though we stayed in the South and Sapa is in the North, I managed to pick up a few handmade goodies while in Saigon, one of which I'll share with you next week and by share I mean give away ;)

If you haven't checked out the Ring Cozy Kickstarter yet please click on over, pledge if you like it, and tweet, facebook post, and email the heck out of it! There are only TEN more days to reach full funding (Kickstarter is all-or-nada) so every bit helps. Thanks for all of your support!!!

Have an awesome weekend.

Oh and a BIG thank you to Jamie of KAYU for having me on her blog for a Q&A!

(image left: Palm and Sea, Phu Quo, Vietnam by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via A Boy Named Sue)

friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin 22 Happy Friday guys! I'm so excited to enjoy KL this weekend...I'm really starting to fall in love with it here. I had a few key moments yesterday where I just thought "yes, this feels good" like when I helped guide a lovely couple visiting from Europe (felt like such a local), discovered a Colombian restaurant (hello soul food!), and enjoyed dinner under a canopy while it rained like crazy and the skies turned white with lightning. I recently made a list of things to see and do in/near the city and the goal is to do at least one of them each weekend that we are home. Top on the list is to visit a palm oil plantation so when I saw this vintage pattern of palm tree varieties I was instantly attracted to it. We'll see what we cross off the list this weekend. I hope you have a great one!

This week's three rad links...

• at least one xmas gift for joe is taken care of with this new kind of wallet

• it's not too late to celebrate + shop for fair trade month

• great feature on one of my fave london shops/makers. they opened a second store in our neighborhood one week before we moved - darn!

(image left: palms and towers, KL by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Calsidyrose)

happy friday + {new} pic & pin

friday pic & pin by Anamu_1Happy Friday, everyone! Today I'm introducing a new post, Friday Pic & Pin, where I get a little creative with the post-editing of an original snap and pair it with a favorite pin from my Pinterest boards.  I love the color stories and themes that develop on Pinterest so I wanted to share bits of them while using my own photography (gotta keep things OG around here, right?). Let me know what you think!

I had a great full week in KL and have already met/chatted with more strangers than I did in London. Super friendly people with one in particular, a retired Batik artist named Aziz, who won my heart. I plan on taking a class with him so I'm sure you'll be hearing more about him soon. On the home front we got the keys to our new apartment yesterday and I so wish that we were moving in this weekend. It's much more spacious and fab than I remember it and I can't wait to get in there and play house. Feel so lucky to have found a place that felt like home as soon as we walked in - especially in a new country. Now if only I can find a way to make my closet as beautiful as the one pictured above...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, enjoy this week's three rad links (i know, it's been a while)!

• LA peeps - this will make you CRACK UP. It's mostly Westside based but even Eastsiders will relate. • I have mad admiration and respect for Lauren Conrad so when she shares her bikini boot camp plan, I listen. I mean, I have to now that I can't hide under big coats anymore. • If you're in NYC this weekend, do check out the official launch of my girl Jess's Tout Le Monde Cambodia Collection clutch purses - they're as beautiful as the stories and the people behind them. Shop online here - congrats, Jess!

Oh, and I updated my profile page with new info and fun polaroids...can't believe it's been over a year since I last looked at it! It's spring cleaning time around here alright.

(image: left: sunrise view of KL Tower by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: via this Pin, originally via Martha Stewart