{market memo} old spitalfields antique market

Last Thursday I spent the morning combing the aisles of the Old Spitalfields' antique market. I can't believe that it took me so long to get out to a London treasure trove! Perhaps Paris's Vanves Market was that good?

I really enjoyed hunting at Old Spitalfields despite it feeling more commercial than traditional markets. Well actually, the location is where markets (previously food) have been held since the 1800's. So it is traditional but today a modern shopping center surrounds the historical square.

What's nice is that the market was totally manageable in size for a morning visit. The vendors were super friendly and there was a little bit of everything for all curiosities. I was hoping for some more furniture since that's where my head is at but no such luck. I did however find some great pieces for future projects and a few knick knacks for the home like my first English tea cup!

I'll definitely go back soon and also take advantage of its proximity to the famed indie shopping street, Brick Lane. There is much to see and do in this town!

Descriptions + more photos here!