{show & tell} margate vintage finds

IMG_4952show and tell - margate

Our trip to Margate was almost two weeks ago but it's never too late to show & tell! Here's what we got:

1. An old ceramic decorative piece that Joe thinks was a fancy liquor holder (it has a plug hole on the bottom). I fell in love with the shape and metallic center.

2. A WMF Germany steel tray that has a very cool engraved (is that the right word?) pattern. We're currently using it as our "catch-all" for mail, keys, wallet, etc. when we get home.

3. 1950's rolling pin with fun bright handles. Perfect for making flour tortillas!

4. A stainless steel and clear plastic mini-bar set. I literally gasped when I saw these + the brass rivets are really the cherry on top! I have a great complementary ice bucket in storage in LA. One day these pretty things will meet.

More to come after this Sunday at El Rastro, I'm sure! Has anyone been there? What were your favorite finds?