{market memo} rose bowl flea market

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It's been a while but I finally visited my mecca, the Rose Bowl Flea Market, last weekend. I've been going since I was a teenager and I still feel anxious and excited every time I approach the entrance. The bright colors, the old timey music, the two dollar bills you get in change when you pay with a ten - it's and experience even before you go through gates.  I love the London and European markets for their authenticity but this one really takes the cake in terms of offerings for me. Unlike other markets that focus primarily on small bric-a-brac, the Rose Bowl flea features parking lots full of furniture, clothes, and everything in between. Since I'm only visiting, I went without an agenda and was open to finding treasures that could be put into our storage if need be. It sounds silly to buy something for later but I'm still dreaming about a chandelier that I passed on before moving to London and I vowed to not do that again. I ended up only buying one small pot for our succulents in KL but I did find myself drawn to chairs and metal patio furniture. Wouldn't those yellow ones look great in my future Palm Springs lounge? And the stools for the poolside bar? It was so hot that morning that a swim and a cold drink were really the only things on my mind. Because of that not much shopping got done but I did relish the chance to be in my mecca once again. Do you have a favorite flea market where you live or one that you've traveled to?

Sunday: heaven on earth and high above LA

ANAMUonline.com launched yesterday and to celebrate, my friend Caitlin helped host a little get together with family and friends. Thank you to those that came, it was so fun to share everything with you in person! All of the online/email love from those not present has been amazing too - thank you! With the site up and the party in the bag, today was a day of rest. Well, its rest in my book :)

Began with the second Sunday of the month ritual, attending the Rose Bowl flea market, AKA heaven on earth. Bought several scarves for new bags and also  left with some items for my niece-to-be, Juliana. Since my sister and brother in law just got back from Hawaii (very smart before Juliana arrives in December!), I wanted to commemorate her first vacation. Scored this great hand-painted, porcelain hula girl with a real grass skirt - you dont see them like this anymore-  and picked up an old Mason Jar to put sea shells in. I cant' wait to go to the beach and collect them with her...she's not even born yet and I'm already the biggest sucker!


Post flea market activities took us to the skies above El Monte for an afternoon flight. Joe has been flying for years and today I got to be co-pilot! I got the hang of it right away but did have some hesitations with turning left for some reason. Regardless, it was seriously a cool feeling to hover above with no one else around but us. A few more times and I think I may just get my wings!