Pick of the Week: Margaritas and Flowers

Spent last Sunday frolicking around in the beautiful Carlsbad Flower Fields for new ANAMU Spring lifestyle shots. When you are just starting out, you've 1) gotta be your own model and 2) the boyfriend becomes the fashion photographer (he did a GREAT job!).

After we wrapped we cruised a bit further south to grub on some yummy Mexican food at Las Olas in Cardiff. Seriously, this place is amazing and I'm so thankful that my gal pal, Erin, introduced me to it a few years ago!

I had flowers and Margaritas on my mind that day and thought this Senorita clutch to be perfect for this week's Pick of the Week!

The flowers and paisley combo drive me crazy in the best of ways.  Muted colors on the lining scarf  really play up the matching patch pocket that carries the vibrant and flirty designs from the exterior of the bag.

Cut until the cows come home

Spent all day cutting stabilizer, interfacing, and scarves in prep for ironing (I use fusible interfacing) and sewing. Thank goodness I finally gave in to buying a rotary cutter and mat - made things SO much easier! Except for the fact I sliced by left thumb a bit. It's paper cut size but man it hurt.

Looking forward to getting back to these after my vacation in Colombia!!!



Sneak Peak

p22211591Today was a cut-and-pin day.  This typically means cutting the stabilzer and silks into my purse pattern. Before that can be done, however, I wash and air dry each scarf and then steam to remove any wrinkles. Above is one of the silk scarves in a gathered style. Can't wait to sew it together! While some of the scarves dried I got started prepping buttons to create more magnets (and push-pins as requested by my friend Liza!). Check out the first set I made a few months ago here.

On a side note - I'm SUCH a proud auntie of an adorable pitbull, Pepper, that I had to post this! My sister took this picture of me and Pepper frolicking in Malibu after my mom's 50th b-day breakfast atGladstones (highly recommend their "Hangtown Fry" plate!!!) dscn05521