upcycled napkins {diy}

napkin diynapkin DIY IMG_9719 IMG_9728

Remember the pillowcase I picked up here? Well now we're enjoying it as a new set of napkins - just in time to complement my new cooking skills!

I love upcycled projects like this, especially when they're as easy as one two three (cut, iron, sew - oh and of course pre-wash so make that four).

Buen provecho!

{diy} customized camera strap - in a flash!

{diy} customized camera strap - in a flash! {diy} customized camera strap - in a flash! {diy} customized camera strap - in a flash! {diy} customized camera strap - in a flash!

I bought this camera strap online but was not happy with it once it arrived. It was too wide and slippery for me and I missed the grip of the original Canon strap.

So, noticing that the "Canon" ribbon was simply sewn on, I decided to take it off and stitch on my own trimming. It was very simple to do. I think I spent more time deciding on the trimming pattern than actually putting it all together!

Since I currently don't have a sewing machine, I first thought of placing the trimming with fabric glue. Though that would have been a good option, the sound and feel of a sewing machine beckoned and I found myself at Sew Over It using one of their machines for just £5 an hour. I had removed the Canon trimming before arriving at the studio so all I had to do was fold over the top edge of the new piece, sew that down, and then sew along each side. The trick is to find trimming that matches the width of the existing strap so that you don't have to worry about folding the sides in or bulging the fabric.

I'm so happy with the results and love the idea of changing the trimming every so often. Also, this project made me realize that I can't go too long without a sewing machine...it's just a matter of time before I buy one of my own.

Sew machine, sew

Started sewing over the weekend but it didn't go too well: my machine needs yet another stitching adjustment...gggrrrr.

It has served me well, but I think I'm ready to find some help and maybe buy an industrial machine for myself. It's amazing how much time is needed for every little thing (websites, designing, shipping, buying, sourcing, etc) and since I do it all myself in addition to my day-job, having help with the actual construction would be beyond amazing. I'd love to focus more on design, creating more samples, and getting ANAMU into stores. All in good time, right? :)

Sewing: @ Home...Finally!

My machine is back in commission and it took its first stitches in its new home tonight! I've been anxious to bring it out and use it on my new table.* So far so good!

*This table is amazing. It's another chrome piece from Virtue Brothers of California with side panels that drop down to form a smaller table. It's been super functional and practical in my loft space. One of the best buys from REVIVAL Vintage yet :)

Fave Creative Space: Common Thread Studio

My home sewing machine was acting up so I decided it was the perfect excuse to do some work at Common Thread Studio in my hometown, South Pasadena.

It was my first time using the work spaces and I will definitely be going back. Seriously fell in love with the character of the place: creative, hip, clean, stylish, personal, and fun.

The owner, Jin, was awesome and brings a lot of design experience and enthusiasm to her space. I spent a good three hours there so I was thankful that she was blasting the likes of Beck, Kings of Leon (their old stuff), and Arcade Fire on the iPod. Made me feel like I was working from home.

If only this place had been around when I was in High School! She has classes for all levels of sewing and also offers a screen printing area, how cool is that?

WARNING: chances are that you WILL buy something from her shop area. It's curated with great gift items for babies, crafters, and even the most discerning creative and stylish people in your life.

Sewing goal of the day cut short

Just as I had 6 more linings to complete my sewing machine decided to lock up. So, I now find myself with time to blog while anxiously awaiting the final Lakers score (overtime kills me!). I better have this baby up and running again soon...I've got bags to complete, people!


Cut until the cows come home

Spent all day cutting stabilizer, interfacing, and scarves in prep for ironing (I use fusible interfacing) and sewing. Thank goodness I finally gave in to buying a rotary cutter and mat - made things SO much easier! Except for the fact I sliced by left thumb a bit. It's paper cut size but man it hurt.

Looking forward to getting back to these after my vacation in Colombia!!!



Steps 6, 7 of 10, 11....

p3280214 Finally got around to sewing all the bag shells I had cut and pressed a week or two ago. Definitely learning how to do things more efficiently every day I work on them!

Pockets were done too and all that's left is to sew the linings then put each bag together. Oh, and I need to order labels and more purse frames. If anyone knows where I can order woven satin labels for less than 1000 minimum, please let me know!