{happy friday} pic & pin

friday pic & pin v2 I've been working with a wardrobe of ten or so pieces for the last three weeks and you know what, it hasn't been half bad. Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do when my entire closet arrives on Monday (yes, our stuff is coming!). I don't have much as I've edited down my options time and time again but nevertheless it's probably still more than I actually need. For the past several years I've focused on buying less and investing in pieces that have longevity, make me feel [insert positive adjective here], and preferably are made locally by independent designers or by companies that follow ethical and/or earth friendly practices.

Right now I'm all about versatility, not just in how transitional a piece may be from spring to fall, but by how much I can actually do with the garment itself. I can't wait to get my Versalette in the mail (highest funded fashion-campaign in Kickstarter history, btw) and I love the colorful six-in-one options in this dress by Loomstate. My latest obsession is this little black number that I pinned from Plumo. Though not "versatile" like the previous two, It's the perfect dress up or down go-to piece where you can give it any look with a change of shoes and accessories - a blank canvas basically. If I ever decided to actually limit my wardrobe to ten pieces this dress would definitely make the cut.

We'll surely end up at a mall over the weekend but I'm confident that there won't be any apparel purchases happening for me - I've got my eye on the prize and it has pockets, too.

Have a wonderful weekend playing dress up or keeping it casual - maybe even do both with the same piece ;) Enjoy!

This week's three rad links... • My monthly mix-tapes may be thematic but this curated and designed collection takes the cake via Smashing Magazine • Totally coveting these gold leaf posters from my LA loving lady, Vanessa. Buy and custom order here. • London I miss you! Great little city guide by Fiona over on Alison's Show & Tell blog...still so much left to explore...

(image left:  London Pub Chandelier by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via Plumo )

{show & tell} souvenirs from marrakech + giveaway!

marrakech souvenirs marrakech souvenirs marrakech souvenirs marrakech souvenirs marrakech souvenirs marrakech souvenirs marrakech souvenirs marrakech souvenirs marrakech souvenirs marrakech souvenirs

I've been thinking of what to pack for our visit to LA and I'm pretty sure I've forgotten how to dress for 60/70 degree weather - it's going to feel like summertime to me but just how much??? I do know, however, that I'll be taking a few souvenirs from Morocco for family and friends. Weeks after our trip to Marrakech, I still find myself totally inspired by the city's colors, patterns, and textures. Thankfully we brought back a few things to keep the design love going and boy am I enjoying them.

It's hard to pick a favorite but if I base it on what I use the most, the leather slippers are it.  After seeing tons of traditional pointy-toe or heel-less styles, these caught my attention with their modern silhouette and ultra bright colors. On closer inspection, you can see the handmade details in the contrast stitching and pen outlines on the sole. It's details like these that reeeaaaaally make my heart sing.

We did find a rug after all and I cannot wait to get it cleaned, roll it out, and enjoy it - such a tease having it just sit there. It's a vintage Berber rug and we spent a good amount of time choosing it while sitting amongst hundreds of colorful woven beauties and drinking sweet mint tea. I totally envision styling it something like this in our future house...it's a lifetime souvenir for sure.

Two other exciting finds were a solid brass antique camel with the coolest designs ever and a hand-carved aluminum mirror that now helps keep the feng shui flowing in my office/guest room/closet. Apparently your back should never face the door but you can correct it with a mirror. I think it's a nice complement to the diy wall display, too.

And those rad leather tassels? Those were a gift from the rug merchant and now I will give one of them to you! Put it on your purse, car rearview mirror, door handle, use as a (very large) key chain, or even jazz up a curtain tie with it - there are so many ways you can have fun with it.

If you'd like a shot at winning the tassel simply comment below with your favorite souvenir of all time; truck stop convenience store finds totally count too. I'll pick a winner at random next Thursday and ship it to you asap!

Yay free stuff!



flea market sunday @ pasadena city college


Hi everyone. I hope you had a great weekend!

I spent Sunday afternoon doing what I love to do most: flea market shopping. Here's what I found...

1. tiny product samples and promotional materials from dentists to restaurants. love how they were displayed giving each piece its own space

2. bakelite bangles + green shag carpet = amazing

3. not usually into owls but the colors and texture of these really tickled my fancy

4. standard post used to be so colorful

5. how beautiful would a cluster  of wine bottles look with these glass toppers?

6. plastic wicker handbags looking mighty primp and proper

See what I bought + more finds on my flickr page.

Clothes Karma

It was time to clean out the closet and make space for pieces that I really love and still wear. There's just no point in holding onto things I don't use, especially when there are great re-sale and donation options.

A full bag (yes, it was reusable, of course!) and visit to Crossroads Trading Co. later, and I'm in possession of a $48 credit to shop other people's previously loved fashions.

I NEVER browse the pants section but since J Brand Love Story jeans have been on my mind for months - and I missed their recent warehouse sale - I decided to take a look. Lo and behold, there they were, hanging in all their glory.... a pair of Love Story jeans in my size...and for a mere $30 (!!!).

Paired those with a silk Nina Ricci blouse and a ruffle J. Crew tank and my out-of-pocket expense was $10...one of the best hauls ever!

Cleaning out space to make room for the new, especially when the new is pre-loved, makes for excellent clothing karma.

Haute Olive Boutique opens in the Fashion District

Haute Olive Boutique is nearly two weeks old and it's quickly becoming a local favorite - some designers have already snatched up pieces to knock off for future collections. What's old is new right?

When I walked into the quaint space, owner Amara was still merchandising the floor and unpacking accessories out of boxes. Even though she obviously had her hands full she instantly made me feel at home and we chatted the entire time I shopped. Turns out that she moved the boutique from Echo Park after being there for a few years and she had been eying the downtown space for just as long.

Very happy that she made the move to the neighborhood but I know that I'll have to be careful.  As a former model she really knows how to sell her style along with everything in her store! I was good though and walked away with one blouse that I'm excited to wear this weekend at Unique LA.

Save the Date: Unique LA Spring Show 4/24-4/25

It's not really a show, you dont need to be an industry buyer to attend.  You can actually buy direct from the artists/designers and lucky me, ANAMU will be a part of it!

The second annual Spring Unique LA will once again be held in the penthouse floor of the Cal Mart building in Downtown LA. Shop, eat, drink, create, and lounge ... all with a fab view and happy warm feelings because you are supporting local and independent talent.

Hope to see you there!

Vintage Shopping Manifesto...Kinda

I was asked via email for my advise on getting past the intimidation of vintage stores and what I typically look for when shopping. Here's what my quick response turned into. It may not be beautifully written but I sure enjoyed writing it...

Yeah they can definitely be overwhelming!

I find it helpful to walk into places knowing the types of things I like/need and are easy to add to my existing wardrobe and home decor.

If you aren't looking for anything specific then just go when you have the  energy and time to simply browse. There's nothing worse than feeling tired or crunched for time in a vintage store. There's simply TOO much to look at but also know that its OKAY to not see everything. I fly past the ceramics and toys because I know I'm not interested. Things related to fashion and home decor stop me in my tracks.

If you like fashion accessories, necklaces, purses, scarves and handbags are great to start out with. Most of what's out in stores today is based on old styles so it's always fun to get the original thing. They are often of better quality too. Accessories may help you feel like you can "pull them off" because they are so easy to mix into what you already have.

I would avoid getting into clothing until you feel more comfortable sifting through alot of "stuff". Many vintage clothing items require alterations and understanding of fabrics and construction (to scout the real winners for quality and comfort at least) so that may be too much for starters.

My hunch is that this may also be the stuff you feel like you cant pull off? Vintage clothes can be intimidating but if it's priced well for you, think about how it can be incorporated into your everyday wear (or special occasions) seamlessly rather than trying to convince yourself that you will wear it. Just because it's trendy and looks like the latest designer styles doesnt mean it's worth buying, especially if its not "you" already. You wont ever wear it or pull it off if it doesn't feel right to begin with.

What I've been shopping for lately have been items for the home since I just moved too. I make a mental list of what I need/want so that everytime I step into a shop, those things catch my eye immediately amidst all the clutter. For example, I needed a small portable table mirror so that I could do my makeup by my window. I found an amazing metal one within two minutes of going through a store, and for 6 bucks!

Think of it as a treasure hunt for something unique and it will become like a game. Just take the first step inside and see how you feel...your eyes will lead the way :)