friday pic & pin

friday pic & pin by Anamu 31 Hi guys, Happy Friday! I had every intention to share photos from our Vietnam trip this week but I forgot to change the camera RAW settings and iPhoto isn't too pleased with the big data (hint: laptop is definitely due for a spring cleaning).

Will work on them this weekend but in the meantime here's a pic from our eco resort, Mango Bay, in Phu Quoc and a Pin of shorts that I'm desperately drooling over. They're by a Vietnamese designer, THU THU, who incorporates the beautiful textiles of the H'mong women of Sapa. Though we stayed in the South and Sapa is in the North, I managed to pick up a few handmade goodies while in Saigon, one of which I'll share with you next week and by share I mean give away ;)

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Have an awesome weekend.

Oh and a BIG thank you to Jamie of KAYU for having me on her blog for a Q&A!

(image left: Palm and Sea, Phu Quo, Vietnam by Ana Maria Muñoz, right: Pin via A Boy Named Sue)

Classic always has it

Tried and true, Levi's has re-solidified my love for their denim. I've been in dire need of denim shorts for the past year (yeah, I don't shop too often) and in checking out my fave jeans, I realized that the two pairs of Levi's I have fit me the best and have outlasted my other brand name jeans by years.

While at work yesterday I decided it was finally time to buy shorts. I headed to 3rd street during my break and walked straight to the Levi's store where I was sure to find exactly what I wanted.

My shorts to be were on display in the front; found my size immediately, tried them on ( they were PERFECT!) and was at the cash register all within ten minutes. Photo 11 There's something so satisfying about wanting and then getting an article of clothing you know you will wear and love like crazy.

Even more satisfying was that they were 50% off.

Off to break them in at a day of fun in Venice!