{show & tell} three new things

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One of the fun things about moving to a new city or country is discovering new products and stores to shop from. Here are three of my recent finds:

Albarcas (or Menorquinas) - a traditional Spanish leather sandal that I struggled to find while in Spain. At first I thought they were a little funky but then I fell in love with the minimalist styling and durability - you can tell that locals wear theirs out for years! I recently picked up a pair by Little Abarcas who sells in Malaysia and Singapore but you can shop online for USA and international here here and here. With TOMS and J.Crew making the espadrille slip-on style popular with the US market I can totally see these becoming the next summer must have. Handcrafted, classic, and comfortable - that's one fashion craze that I'm happy to support!

Rice plant art object - my heart (and eyes) did a happy dance when I walked into The Jekyll & Hyde Project shop. If design, fun, form and function lived in one happy little accessories heaven then this is it. I wanted to buy everything in there because it was all useful AND crazy cool. But, I kept my wallet in check and just bought the rice plant object that I thought would be a nice zen piece/paperweight for my desk. Check out this product page for an animation of how it moves...it's so nice, even if the "wind" is just my air conditioning.

Embroidered zip pouch - you know that "little Ikea" that I mentioned we found? Well right next to it was a table full of handmade goodies by women refugees from Myanmar. I picked up a leaflet to learn more about their work and after I get a few projects out of the way this month I'm going to learn what I can about it. This part of the world is full of amazing textile heritage and skill - I'm definitely intrigued.


{monthly mixtape} may

may mix tape We've been all over the place this past month so for May's soundtrack I'm going international and indulging in a bit (or a lot) of wanderlust.  I don't understand most of the words in the non-English songs but that's precisely the beauty of music: it doesn't matter. If you have any fave international beats to share, please do. I'm always excited about new discoveries!

Click here, the image above, or the sidebar player to tune in. Enjoy!

1 -  Asi Asi Asi (feat. Noelia Fernandez)  Atropolis 2 - Ibere  Various Artists 3 - Le Flying Saucer Hat  Chairlift 4 - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa  Vampire Weekend 5 - Yellow World  J Girls 6 - Amsterdam  Peter Bjorn & John 7 - St. Petersburg  Brazilian Girls 8 - Imik Si Mik  Hindi Zahra 9 - Map Jim Noir 10 - Pacific Theme Broken Social Theme

 (image: taken at Vanves Flea Market, Paris)