happy friday!

Spring Window Spring is officially here and this playful window sill gracing our street couldn't be any more perfect. Is this a spring tradition in a certain culture? Or is our neighbor just really fun and creative? Either way I'm glad it's there to jump-start the season and perk things up around here!

This weekend should be a nice combo of play and work...hopefully the sunshine joins the fun.

Have a wonderful weekend...enjoy the new blooms!

This week's three rad links: • incredible sand art done with nothing more than a rake and a vision via Travelettes • i know i'm late to the HATCH party but this line of baby-bump clothing for before/during/after is rocking my world. i think i could even do this style as a wedding dress. • handmade type - literally! this is way beyond cool via Go Pantone




on bloom street

The lease on my downtown apartment ended in January and I've been back in South Pasadena with the folks ever since. While I do miss being in the city, it is nice to walk down the street and see these signs of Spring all around. Sooo pretty!