Unique LA Spring 2010 is in the bag

It just gets better and better. The folks at Unique LA (spearheaded by the amazing Sonja Rasula) pulled off an incredible two-day event filled with independent design, craft workshops, music, and good people.

ANAMU lucked out with a corner space that was perfect for creating a walk-through gallery feel. I learned a lot from the last show: each bag needs to be highlighted individually. With so many different prints and colors, they each need to shine!

The bags and display got incredible reactions. Lots of oohing and ahhing with some personal compliments that included gals saying that they loved my sense of design and overall aesthetic. So cool :)  Some women literally bolted into the booth from across the walkway to check out a bag that caught their eye!

Though it's always difficult to see my bags go, it's also gratifying and joyful to know that they are going to adoring new owners. Thank you to everyone that came out to support local talent. I had a blast sharing ANAMU with you!

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