colors, patterns, and textures, oh my! {singapore)

singapore 3 singapore 4singapore 10singapore 2 singapore 11singapore 5singapore 8 singapore 9 singapore 7singapore 6 Singapore has incredible modern architecture but of course, I also found a ton of inspiration in an older part of town called the Arab Corner (I think that's it, please correct me if I'm wrong). The neighborhood's pride is evident by the impeccable upkeep of their old shop houses, vibrant colors, and collection of traditional fabric stores and cafes mixed in with new indie boutiques and bars. I loved seeing bits of the local art community, too. From artists at work in a tiny gallery to graphic murals on the street, it's amazing how much art can bring a street or neighborhood to life. If you're lucky enough to be there during Ramadan as we were, be sure to take advantage of the food stalls in front of the mosque. Devotees lined up to buy their post-sundown meals but there were plenty of tourists like us taking advantage of the offerings. We weren't sure if it was acceptable to eat in front of others who were fasting so we tucked into a side alley and chowed down in semi-privacy.  It's a good thing that the streets in Singapore are so sparkly clean ;)

happy friday!

street art in w9street art w9

I've spotted these tiles around our neighborhood and I'm on the hunt for more. There's just gotta be more!

Here's to a weekend of discovery and taking note of the interesting things around us. Enjoy!

This week's three rad links... • the art of making bread by Kinfolk. so beautiful and simple via EcoSalon • okay, jennifer of I ART U has officially convinced me to book with Airbnb. check out that space! • i love the way sharon designs her yummy instagram photos - that girl can sure cook (and sketch)

the things you see with just a few extra steps

During a recent lunch break I stopped near a quiet alley to make a phone call. While on hold I decided to walk a bit further to check out some brick buildings on the left hand side. Several steps in, I look to my right and discover a collection of bright murals that seemed completely out of place yet incredibly inviting. I wanted to have my Canon on me so bad! I learned (via a plaque at the end) that the murals were done by artists from a non-profit called ArtStorm that "provides canvas, paint and safe and legal locations for young people to pursue their art called Masterpiecing (graffiti art)." How awesome is that? You can see the work in action via this time-lapse video or see it for yourself in Old Pasadena just off of DeLacey Street and next to Forever 21. It's a perfect dose of art amidst the hustle and bustle of the surrounding shops and restaurants.

When the cosmos allign

My friend Allie is a BIG street art fan and today she introduced me to the artist Chase who is renown for his eyeball murals and positive messages. She showed me his website and I thought he was pretty cool but didn't think of anything else beyond that.

After work I swung by Dorty's place in Venice to pick up the new Phoenix album (AMAZING btw - can't wait to see them live next month!) and I notice an artist working on a wall down the street.

Looks familiar...big eyeballs, bright colors....OMG I think that's the artist Allie was just raving about!!! I call Allie, she's already half way to Silver Lake, so I turn around to find out if it's him.


I illegally park since parking is impossible at that time of day, put on the hazards, and walk up to the artist in action.

Yes, it was Chase and he was so sweet. Completely humble and got a kick out of the the fact that I had just learned about him two hours prior and was setting him up on a date with Allie for the next day (when he'll finish the mural).


I get in the car, call Allie again and we are both so excited about this almost serendipitous moment!!! She seriously loves this guy's work.

Check out Allie's new blog STOPandLOOK where she has begun to post some of her favorite street art encounters in LA and abroad.

PS - I leave for Colombia tomorrow... can't wait to see my family, hug my grandparents, and lay in the hammock at our little ranch on the weekend!!!!!