weekend, we

Hi everyone, how was your weekend?

I want to thank sfgirlbybay for sharing some of my Paris photos on her blog on Friday, I was très honored! Welcome to the new fab readers who linked through!

While Spain isn't until Thursday, we definitely got a good taste of it on Saturday night when we met up with some old and new friends for tapas and drinks at Salvador & Amanda. The plans were to continue the festivities at nearby bars but we lucked out with not having to leave our table since a mini-night club popped up mid-way through dinner. We had a lively bunch so of course we hit the dance floor while the drinks flowed like water. The last time I took shots and mixed cocktails I vowed to never drink like that again but I figured that enough time had passed and gave it a go (we all need to party hard once in a while, right?). Lucky for me the drinks were more forgiving this time around so it was nothing that a big pancake and omelet breakfast couldn't cure on Sunday morning.

Hopefully Madrid will be just as forgiving!