{about town} eyes on london

Now that I'm back in London after being away for the last two weeks, I thought I'd finally share these photos from our spin on the London Eye.

I don't remember why but at some point a few weeks ago I decided to plan a surprise date night for Joe. I wanted to do something that we'd probably make excuses not to do due to crowds of tourists (we live here now so we don't count!) or the weather. So, the London Eye it was.

Our tickets were for a thirty minute ride, or one full rotation, but once we were up there it felt more like five minutes! London is an impressive city from the ground up but it was even more beautiful to see the town from a birds-eye view along the Thames. It was especially fun now that we're familiar with different areas and buildings and could spot things and places as we went up, down, and looked all around.

Post-spin, we walked to The Archduke for dinner, drinks, and live jazz. The restaurant is set underneath the railway arches of the Waterloo station and the integration is absolutely beautiful. Needless to say, Joe loved his surprise!