in the name of love

Hello! Sorry for the late post - I got carried away running errands and drooling over pieces like this at The Old Cinema London antiques shop on Chiswick High Street. A girl can dream right?

As promised here are photos from Friday's royal wedding screening at Hyde Park. We were there with an estimated 100,000 other viewers and got into the spirit of celebrating the big day ourselves (well, at least I did!).  However, I became fully aware that I didn't care so much about the royal-ness of it all because really, they're just a living tourist attraction. Rather, I saw it as getting to attend a beautiful wedding for two people in love. I enjoy reading wedding blogs, I think wedding dresses are beautiful, and I understand the joy in celebrating love. So, why not take part in Will and Kate's union if they're opening the door?

As I looked at people waving their Union Jacks, wearing tiaras, and toasting the newly married couple, I realized that others felt the same way. I may not understand the British "Royalist" who still see the Windsor family as a mighty institution but I could see how everyone was simply happy to be a part of a joyous and romantic event. Love is love and always worth celebrating.

if the royals got funky

[youtube] In last night's Evening Standard I read about Kate Middleton's sister requesting the installation of a giant disco ball for the couple's main (and more intimate) wedding reception. Apparently Will and Kate have been "clashing" with the powers that be in efforts to make their special celebration less formal and stuffy than those of the past.

Makes me wonder if Will and Kate are jealous of the parody video T-Mobile put together...

Oh no, am I getting sucked in to this stuff with 24 hours to go???

to care or not to care, that is the royal question

While the world is abuzz over Friday's big royal nuptials between Will and Kate, London is showing off its proud colors everywhere you look. Regent Street (pictured above) is lined with the Union Jack while side streets and pubs have gone bunting crazy. I'm not completely sure where I stand with caring about the wedding (and Joe obviously could care less). If I were at home in the States I would watch the ceremony on TV with little fanfare but since I'm in London - ground zero - I feel like I might as well join in on the insanity in some shape or form.

Pubs are offering viewing parties with drink and food specials, big screen TVs will be placed at major parks for a recreational day out, and of course the wedding procession route between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace will be a grand event. There are tons of ways we can opt to participate in the pomp-and-circumstance of the day but I'm sure it'll ultimately come down to how much effort we feel like exerting the morning of (and the weather).

In the meantime, there are plenty of interesting memorabilia to keep us entertained. I learned about the ones below via Time Out London...especially love the solar powered waving Queen. I saw it in action in a store window on Portobello Road and it was pretty amazing.

Tea for two. Poor Kate has such a gold-digger rep over here.

Solar powered waving queen (panel is on the top of the purse)

If the whole royal "to-do" makes you sick, this is for you