let's play house {office}

lets play house - office

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I've been having a lot of fun lately but it's time to really get back to work. There are a few new ventures that I'm prepping to launch this month (fingers crossed) and that means that I'll be spending a lot of extra time sitting at my desk. If I had the chance to decorate anew I would choose modern blacks, natural textures, and pops of inspirational colors and patterns. All three combined would make for a casually sophisticated and artful place - perfect for getting things done. What's your workspace style?

{diy} frame that fancy paper

{diy} frame that fancy paperworkspace

Remember when I complained about the lack of sunshine in London? Shortly after I decided to take control and bring the golden rays into my workspace. I had always wanted to frame paper so this was the perfect opportunity to do it - finally, something to make with all of those beautiful sheets of paper from the stationary store!

I opted for a gold, shiny (and I admit, a bit gaudy) paper from Paperchase and paired it with a black metal frame from Habitat. I love the bright glow that reflects from the opposing window, even on the greyest of days. Mission totally accomplished. What I love even more is that I can change the paper in an instant and always have a fresh piece of art. With pretty paper costing less than five pounds I'm definitely tempted to swap often but I think I'll keep the golden glow for a while.

p.s. a big shout out to my vintage desk lamp! i loooovvvee yoooouuuu.