the occasional brew

cheers I love beer but unfortunately I don't allow myself to drink it on a normal basis anymore. It used to be my only drink of choice and in my single days it always impressed the boys when I ordered a Newcastle over a fruity cocktail or glass of wine. So why give it up? I owe it to a painful realization that beer was a major cause of my face breaking out, even if I did just have a few drinks on the weekends. It wasn't until I was 24 that any signs started to show but it was due time that I learn what was best for me and my skin. It sucked. It reeaaallly sucked. I hated ordering wine and sifting through never ending cocktail lists for something to substitute my beloved ales. But, eventually I developed my pallet for different types of vinos, discovered aperitifs and digestifs, and learned that it could be fun to experiment with different mixed drinks.

Moving here has added a totally different element to my beer ban. I can't go to Berlin and not have a pint, I can't sit in a old bar in Madrid and not order a caña, and I certainly will not be able to go to Brugge this weekend without indulging in Belgium's finest drink. So of course, I've given in a little and have allowed myself to enjoy, and I mean ENJOY, good beer while on holiday. Unfortunately it doesn't stop with beer - there's always the food, too. You all know what I'm talking about. Regardless of how healthy I try to eat at home, I will eat all the fatty, greasy, sweet, and savory foods a local spot has to offer and then deal with the consequences when I get home. I can already feel the stomach aches and zits that will pop up after devouring too many waffles and bits of chocolate - on top of all of the beer. But whatever, you only live once, right?!?

Are there any food or drink restrictions that go out the window for you when you're on holiday or celebrating a special occasion? It is that time of year, after all....