the pinterest cook

IMG_6118 If you know me personally then you probably know that I've never been one to get excited about cooking or baking. In fact, I've always been the first person to offer to bring drinks or utensils to potlucks...just don't ask me to make anything!

These days, however, I've been turning a new leaf and becoming much more interested in getting creative in the kitchen. If I'm being honest, it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm no longer coming home from work at night exhausted and dying of hunger. Cooking was never fun or relaxing for me, instead it usually felt time consuming and intimidating.

But now that I have more time and energy I've started tearing out recipe pages from magazines, looking to Foodily for on-hand ingredients ideas, and even making things I've pinned on Pinterest like these BLT bites. Now, I know that BLT sandwiches are nothing extraordinary but what is special is that I made these for Sunday's Blognic event. The old me would have gone to Whole Foods, bought a pasta salad, and called it a day!

I guess what I'm learning is that if I can be creative in other aspects of my life, why should I be so intimidated by getting my hands dirty in the kitchen? It's just food, after all. And I like food.

If you have any favorite recipe websites or cooking/baking blogs (easy ones, I'm still a beginner) please share them in the comments section below. Would love your tips!