thoughts over sunsets

LA sunsets Hey guys, how have you been?! I've been MIA from the blog but I certainly haven't been slacking in anything else. Honestly, don't think that I'll rest until I'm on the flight back home! Not complaining though because I'm doing everything that I came here for, and then some.

It feels like my personal to-do list is just as long as my work one. Going to the dentist, getting a haircut, shopping for favorite things that can only be (or are more easily) found here, and of course, prepping the final details for next month's wedding in Colombia.

I'm starting to get really excited about it now that it's just several weeks away. Sure, I've been excited about the trip in general for months now but since I've been so caught up with my new product launch and somewhat removed from the details (my mom and dad are doing the gritty work locally), I haven't really had that direct connection to planning and anticipating the day. It wasn't until my sister and I went shopping for my nieces' flower girl dresses that I felt the emotions of "getting married" hit me. Those two little ones definitely made it feel real for me. Aside from buying my own dresses and a few things for the reception that we'll ship from LA, it was one of the few tangible things that I've done for the actual wedding day.

My parents have been amazing ever since we told them that we wanted to get married at our family finca. They're finding the best deals for our group transportation, rental vendors, hiring cooks, and shopping for other essentials. We're keeping things simple but never the less, some things require attention and I'm so thankful that they and my other family members are putting so much energy and love into it. They've also been busy sprucing up the finca for everyone to enjoy. I haven't been there in four years so I can't wait to see how it looks now that it's getting my parents' special TLC. I'm feeling really blessed right now…for the special day ahead of us and for everything, really.

Thankful for supportive the friends and former colleagues I'm seeing this month, thankful for the health and energy that keeps me going every day to learn, grow, and do more with what I've got, and most of all, thankful for my beautiful man back home in KL whom I love and miss like crazy.

So yes, all is well. Busy, but well. Check back tomorrow to finally see what I've been up to!