Vegas as a testing ground

Took one of my prototype bags to Vegas with me and it was the best thing I could have done. Not only was I able to enjoy the fruits of my labor but I got to test it out to the ultimate degree with non-stop dancing. I'm talking about jersey fist-pumping all night long. Well, not really but you get the idea.

It was during "boom boom pow" that I felt the chain snap off on one end.  I caught it before it fell to the floor and since the material is soft and is easily grasped, holding it as a clutch versus wearing it over the shoulder as a purse was still really comfy. Good thing it's designed for either use :)


Though I was bummed (for a second before proceeding to dance) it never would have happened had I not taken it out so I'm very thankful that it did! Now I know I need heavier duty rings so we can have happy dancing ANAMU lovers in the future.