weekend, we


Hi how was your weekend? I think I finally got over my jet lag but with all the playing and high temperatures going around I'm still feeling beat! The energy necessary to hang with my nieces is insane but I've been keeping up alright. For fuel I've been stopping by my favorite spots like Buster's Coffee, Green Street Restaurant, La Maria, Sushi Roku and of course, In-N-Out (cue parting clouds and singing angels - aaaahhhhhh). And for my spirit, the Rose Bowl Flea Market and the Hollywood Bowl did just the trick to really make me feel like I'm back.

This week I've rented a car so that I can take care of meetings, errands, and visits with friends. Really hoping to pack in as much as I can now so that I can have a restful last week as it will end with a night in Vegas (!!). Lots to do and see until then so I'll try to get more snaps in, that is, of things other than the two little rugrats above.