weekend, we

Hi, how was your weekend?

It was so nice to be home after being gone for the past three in a row. We kept things simple since I had a photography gig on Saturday but we did go out for dinner and drinks with friends at night. If you're looking for the best cocktails and speakeasy ambiance in London, the Experimental Cocktail Club is the spot. We go there as often as possible and they have the best DJs spinning retro funk and soul.

Sunday, the most beautiful day of the year thus far, was nearly wasted by sleeping in until 1pm (wah wah). No, the drinks are not to blame, I'm unfortunately still fighting off a bug and my body is resisting it like crazy. The good thing is that Friday's spring wishes did come true - the weather was perfect. So picture perfect in fact that I didn't even take photos! I guess I was too mellow to be snap happy but it was beautiful, warm, and bright, believe me.

Here's to wishes coming true and to having a productive start to the week!

(image: from a sunny day out at Kew Gardens, London)