weekend, we

Coco Momo, MaryleboneCoco Momo, Marylebone barclay bikes All Star Lanes, Bayswater Holland Park Love Da Popcorn @ Nomad Cinema Nomad Cinema Nomad Cinema @ Holland Park

Hi everyone, how was your weekend?

Ours was all about doing a lot of what had to be done (chores, errands, adult duties) and throwing in some fun wants on the side.

Saturday's highlight was riding Barclay Bikes to All Star Lanes in Bayswater. What an amazing venue! Great bowling lanes, live DJ, delicious food, and a really fun ambiance. It's an American themed place but it's actually way better than any bowling venue I've ever been to in the States.

On Sunday we had the final inspection of our new flat and were given the keys. We spent a good hour or so taking measurements and seeing what we'll need to fix or modify though it's not much, thankfully. We then made our way to Marylebone for breakfast at Coco Momo (yum) and re-visited our favorite sofa at John Lewis, a major department store that's like a Target and Macy's rolled into one. Did I ever mention how relieved I was to go there when I first moved here?

A sofa purchase later and we were ready to wrap up the weekend with a movie at the Nomad Cinema in Holland Park. The film of the night was Cinema Paradiso. Has anyone seen it? It's the most beautiful movie that I have ever experienced. Seriously, it was incredible. Apparently it's a big classic here but since it's Italian I'm guessing that's why we don't hear much about it, if at all, in the States. Movie buffs may have been in the know all along but I feel really lucky to finally be introduced to it.

Now it's time for another week...we'll see what sorts of craziness/magic it brings. Have a great Monday!