weekend, we

beautiful sunset colorsshopping at our local italian deli homemade pizza tapas snack at westfield mall tube tracks

Hello, how was your weekend?

Ours was pretty uneventful but wonderful just the same. With several busy weekends behind us and jam packed days ahead, we welcomed a low key agenda.

We got a ton of work and cleaning done at home, got back in to running, watched loads of tv and movies off iTunes, and cleaned out our fridge and pantry by cooking at home for nearly every meal. We ventured out only to shop at our favorite local Italian deli and to buy a few things at the Apple store in the Westfield Mall. I even disconnected myself from the internet and my phone  by barely touching email and twitter. It was so nice. Now I feel completely rested and ready for a busy week and my mom's arrival on Friday. Sometimes you just need to re-charge...