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Hello! How was your weekend?

Things started off slow with a gloomy yet relaxing Saturday at home. I actually got a lot of computer work done but I still had more planned for Sunday. However, Sunday morning came along and as soon as we pulled the blinds up we knew that we couldn't spend another day inside - it was beautiful out!

Joe had the brilliant idea to go to Windsor for the afternoon so we hopped on a high-speed train for a quick escape. We arrived a mere thirty minutes later and instead of following the herds of people off the train headed straight to the castle, we walked the opposite direction (as we usually do) and strolled along the Thames and into the village of Eton. Eton is home to Eton College, or high school rather, which seems like the type of place where you have to come from money as old as the buildings themselves in order to get your foot in the door. The school's park was just off the high street and even though there were signs that read "private" or "for eton students only" we walked right in anyway. It was a Sunday, there were only kids around, and we figured that if there aren't any real laws against squatters taking over your home (yeah, seriously) then we could surely walk into a park without any trouble. It was beautiful and peaceful...I'll share photos separately as part of the cape DIY I mentioned last week!

We then made our way back to Windsor and to The Long Walk, A.K.A. the Queen's long-ass driveway into the castle. It was stunning. Especially at that time in the afternoon when the trees in the distance slowly faded along with the sunset. The entire day was such an unexpected treat; a perfect tease for our first English countryside retreat coming up this weekend. I thought I was excited before but now I'm really counting down the days.