weekend, we

Street-side fruit standBounce ride at the Chiswick Carnival First car boot sale IMG_3918 IMG_9 yuuuummmmm

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?

We did a lot of relaxing but also a lot of playing. Here are the highlights!

Friday -

Watched the new movie Win Win at Everyman Cinemas. It's a great little theater with a lot of personality. They have a bar, lounge, and really comfy seats - you can even take your drinks in with you. I can't wait to go back for Bridesmaids next month...anyone seen it yet? Is it as amazing as it looks?!?

Saturday -

Back to Chiswick for a bank appointment but we made the most of it by vegging out on some blueberries in the park and then running wild at the carnival. We were the only big kids on the rides without little kids at our side. It was awesome.

Sunday -

Woke up early to check out my first car boot sale. It was like a chaotic rummage sale with (mostly) crap spilling from people's car trunks. Didn't find anything special but I'll keep at it. There are tons of these around the city.

The winds really picked up so we opted for an in-door afternoon at Harrods. This place is incredible. Everything is so ornate and so refined...I'm sure you can go there repeatedly and still see something new in the architecture and decor every time.  No major shopping but we did indulge at the famous Ladurée with some pastries, coffee and tea. Their café is quite the experience... kind of like a girl's boudoir dream. It was so pretty that I didn't want to leave.

Alas, we had to go home but not forgetting a box of macaroons to-go, of course! I think that I'd like to end every weekend eating macaroons and drinking tea in bed. It was so simple yet indulgent...why not...