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Hi, how was your weekend? We stuck to our plans and made a day trip to Oxford where we walked around the town center, through Christ Church, and the university buildings. I loved seeing students dressed in their "Oxford Prep" attire...it's no joke, they really do wear tweed sport coats, ties, and dress-shoes, even on a Saturday. I guess between the weather, history, and impressive medieval buildings you almost have to follow the dress code to do it all justice.

Back in London, we joined the St. Patrick's Day festivities in Trafalgar Square and watched the Irish Jonas Brothers fiddle and dance their little hearts out. It's amazing to see events like this that make special use of public spaces. London is really good about that and it's one of the main reasons that I love this city. After the set was over I took my pint of Guinness to-go and we walked the scenic route home through St. James's Park and Buckingham Palace. I felt like such an alcoholic walking around with booze in my hand but whatever, it's perfectly legal - or at least acceptable - here so I'll take it!

While grocery shopping later that night I decided to go for it and whip up the Irish Stout Brownies I mentioned on Friday. I was nervous at first since I had never baked brownies from scratch (hello box mix, add water) but they actually turned out really good! Aside from the moments of frustration that come from learning how to bake, I'm starting to understand the zen aspects of the process. I've always gotten into zen-zones while sewing and crafting but cooking and baking is opening up an entire new world of sweet and savory satisfaction. Did you make anything this weekend or try something new?