when greene & greene ruled

This Sunday I had the sudden urge to get out of the house...just me and my camera. I found myself at The Gamble House that's fortunately just a few minutes up the road. This place is incredible and the most perfect example of the American Craftsman movement in architecture. Joe and I took a tour of it a few years ago and the detail inside is even more outstanding than its exterior. Built of solid wood and Tiffany Glass accents, this is one of the most well known structures created by the Greene brothers.

If you look through more photos on my flickr page you may recognize the garage (now the operating foundation's bookstore)...it was Doc's home in Back to The Future! Always thought that was pretty neat.

There are so many architectural treasures like this in Pasadena and only in my adult years have I come to recognize and appreciate them. If you have yet to visit and explore Pasadena, it's definitely worth a day trip!