first car nostalgia

While in St. John's Wood <a title="weekend, we over the weekend we walked past this car that instantly reminded me of my first set of wheels: a beige 1991 Acura Legend with custom gold embroidered upholstery through-out. I never thought I'd see anything else like it but there she was, my old car's interior twin sister! The sweet ride had belonged to my friend's grandma and it was sold to me for $1 plus a commitment to do good for others via volunteer services. Because I was eighteen and didn't have any money to pick the car of my choice, I considered myself very lucky to take "Goldie" on. I grew very fond of her and her sassy threads, turning heads wherever we went. Looking back I'm pretty sure that Goldie sparked my love for gold-colored and sometimes gaudy things (what else could explain that?).

After a few years I started to fear that the burning rubber smell was going to mean the death of us on a freeway so I gave her up and another one of our friends, Shannon, took her under her wing. While I missed Goldie, it was comforting to know that she was in good hands and given a new lease on life with Shannon's Dad's auto shop skills.

Now I just regret not taking down the phone number for the car/taxi in St. John's Wood. Would love to drive around London in that thing.