happy friday!

The great thing about spending time with little kids is that you can be your silliest self without looking like a total freak. I had so much fun kicking my shoes off and playing with my nieces all over the place. From the yard, the couch, the bed, the beach, you name it.  Best of all was when they climbed all over me with their tiny bare feet while watching Sesame Street (total secret to cuddling!).

So cheers to Friday, kicking off your shoes, and being silly . Have a great weekend!

Here are this week's three rad links: • My friend, Cuit, makes his own bowtie here. Totally want his vintage sewing machine! • Amazing tutorial on how to make a glitter texture on Photoshop by Pugly Pixel. Must. Try. • What possessions would you take with you if your house was burning? Love seeing what people pick and post on The Burning House.