it's teatime o'clock

tea @ cake holetea @ hotel endsleigh tea @ winter garden, landmark hotel tea @ the tate modern tea @ cocomaya tea @ drink shop & do tea @ mad hatter's in margate tea @ clifton nursery cafe

I bought some truly amazing tea over the weekend and sipping it made me think of how much I love the English tradition of Afternoon Tea. This roundup is of some of the Teas I've done and what's nice is that no two are alike. Afternoon Tea can be as fancy or as simple as you want it to be and done as a little nibble or as a main meal (for me at least!). I hardly ever need and excuse to sit down for a "cuppa" and a piece of cake, a scone or a selection of finger sandwiches. It's so easy and normal to do when nearly every shop and cafe has something simple and yummy to offer at any given moment. I only wish that we did this in the States, like, instead of saying "let's meet up for coffee" you'd say "let's meet up for Tea!" - sounds so much better, right???

Maybe this post will inspire you Stateside readers to start a teatime revolution while I'm away. In the meantime, I'll see about taking more proper photos (and fewer fly-by iPhone shots) though that might be a challenge. I'm usually too preoccupied savoring every crumb and last drip to bother with my camera :)

p.s. I've yet to master the etiquette so please excuse my cup-grasping shot above. The pinky will go up. Eventually...