meet palmy

palmy This is Palmy, our beloved palm plant that we bought at three feet tall. It is well on it's way to reaching Joe's wish of ten feet but unfortunately we won't be here to see it fully mature. We always knew that we wouldn't but just talking about how big Palmy could be one day was comforting given our temporary state. I like to think of Palmy as a symbol of our time here as we nurtured a new life together and grew as individuals with each other's love and support. I also like to think that you can tell a lot about a man by the way he takes care of his plants. Lucky for me, plants under Joe's watch always thrive.

If you're in London and are interested in giving Palmy or this succulent a new home, email me and we can try to arrange a pick up before we hand in our keys on Tuesday. Please do consider it if you have a green thumb!