missing home from home

palm trees LA Hi guys, checking in from LA where I'm really missing the blog. I miss taking photos, I miss using this space as a creative playground, and I miss sharing things with you!

Work has been all consuming - which is a great thing because that's what I'm here for - but I'm longing to fit in more time with family, friends...and my camera. My whole work smart and not harder thing is hard to do when there are so many unknown variables at play. It's getting better though with just three more weeks to go and a to-do list that's feeling less daunting with every new thing that I learn and every step that I take.

It's been nice to be back here, in my second life as I've been calling it, but it's just not as fun without my man by my side. A place doesn't feel like home without him, even if it's my very own hometown. That being said, I'm doing my best to make the time that I have here count, make things happen, and am enjoying the ride with bumps, missteps, and small victories along the way. It's all part of a greater journey...

I hope that you've been awesome!