must. keep. going.

run Alright, so yesterday was a bit of a pity party (thanks for all of your sweet comments!) but really, spirits are still very high. Especially since I've recently gotten back into running.

My love affair with running began in high school when I joined the track team to get out of P.E. class. I gave hurdles a chance but didn't have the necessary speed to jump and then keep on moving. What I did have was stamina so long-distance running ultimately became my sport of choice and I loved it. I loved how it pushed me, kept me outdoors and had an ever-changing scenery. I learned to keep going, keep my head up, and just get through it because the end goal was always there and I would eventually reach it. I never felt better then I did after a five mile run, even if I simultaneously wanted to throw up from exhaustion.

I didn't run much in college as I was too pre-occupied with with full-time class schedules, full-time work, and part-time parties. My first job out of college was in Santa Monica and for a good while I'd rush to get out of work so that I could run along the beach during sunset. It was incredible and the clarity it provided me was absolutely necessary at the time. Unfortunately, the last several years were plagued with inconsistent spurts of  "god, I just need to get out and run!" and "ugh, do I really need to change and go outside?"

Now we live in London, literally two blocks from a great park in one direction and a beautiful canal in the other. I have no excuses other than the weather getting colder but even that's nothing an investment in good gear can't dispel. Keeping that in mind I've been running at least every other day since Christmas and I'm dedicated to making the routine stick. It feels too good to let it slide - physically, mentally, and spiritually. My high-school self was definitely onto something.

photo taken at Endsleigh