my not so mobile weekend

feet Hi everyone, how was your weekend? I didn't get around to taking any photos because well...I didn't really get around.

It was Saturday morning, or rather early noon, when we finally mustered up the will and energy to get out and run errands. Before getting ready to go, Joe started washing the dishes from breakfast but I said that the dishes could wait because we had a hot date (with the bank before it closed). I then proceeded to improvise a rap song called yes, "the dishes can wait, we have a hot date" - so clever am I. So there I am, putting on my makeup while making up rhymes when I hear Joe call out for help in a frantic tone. I stop what I'm doing and run out to the main room to see what is wrong. In a matter of one second, I see him moving the dining table and then I look up to see if there's a leak in the ceiling (mind you I'm still running in at this point). By the time my eyes and brain make it over to the water-filled kitchen sink and counter, it's too late. I slip, fall on my ass and slide right into the counter's corner feet first. POW - there goes my right foot. There's wasn't any time to register the pain as I realized that I was sitting in an inch of water flooding our entire kitchen and dining area! In our rush to get out of the apartment a certain someone forgot to turn the faucet off. My first thought was "glad it wasn't me!" but then I instantly regretted my new rap song...the dishes couldn't wait after all. With a water crisis on hand, we gathered every towel in our apartment, tossed them on the floor, brought out the mop, brought out the squeegee, and pushed the water out into the hallway. Thank god there's a drain right outside our front door! It's like, they expected this to happen.

After several towel drying cycles and re-soaking sessions later, we got the place back to normal and all was well. All except my foot. It was beat. My right foot's pinky got seriously smashed and I banged up my other toes, too. The bruising and inflammation got really bad so I spent the rest of the day reluctantly soaking it in ice water and popping advil. As painful as it still is, I'm just glad (and lucky) that I didn't break anything. Now I'm just hoping that I feel significantly better by tomorrow so that I don't have to limp around Bangkok while I'm there. I'm joining Joe on a quick business trip but I might have to scratch my plans of walking and wandering and hire a tuck-tuck for the day. I won't complain though, there are worse problems to have.

At least Joe now has physical proof that I'll always come running to his rescue. Even if that means that I run straight into the flames. And maybe next time I'll think twice before I free-flow ... I'm so good it's distracting ;)

(image: on my feet via Instagram; clockwise from top-left: TOMS, Rainbows, CoachClark's Originals)