not so little anymore + adios for now

photo 2-1 photobooth While looking at these photo booth pics with my family and Joe that I have placed around our home, I thought "wow... I'm not so little anymore". Packing for our first trip to Colombia together thinking of the celebration and fun that awaits, I couldn't help but also think of how crazy life is as you get older and experience the many chapters of life. One by one, you write each sentence and paragraph with every action you take. Before you know it, the school chapters are done, work and career ones begin and forever get revised, love stories develop - some flourish and some don't - and family remains the constant thread throughout. The book of life is one neat novel, isn't it?

I'm excited to head out today and continue Joe's and mine's story together with a special wedding day. That plus some holiday fun with friends and family will surely make the next two weeks fly by...I'll be sure to stop and smell the coffee beans in the midst of it all ;)

Will see ya back here later this month when we return but until then, you can catch me and our Colombian adventures on Instagram and Twitter. Vamonos!